Cyber Security Services In Dallas and the US

Are you a midsize or enterprise business, and need a Prioritized Systematic Approach to address your Cyber  Security vs: a bunch of Projects?

We simplify Cyber Risk by helping you create a "Prioritized Systematic Approach" to Assess, Architect and Implement a Cyber Security Program.

We help clients reduce risk while driving towards Compliance and Certifications.

  • Need a Baseline of your environment? Your People, Process and Technology?
  • Need to prioritize your Projects?
  • Do you need to better understand your specific Compliance mandates and requirements?
  • Are you considering Cyber Insurance?
  • Trying to prepare for a Certification? HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, ISO, Privacy? (GDPR, CCPA, PPP), many others.
Blueprint for Ransomware Defense


Blueprint for Ransomware Defense

10 Reasons to Choose Gailey Solutionsto help you create your Strategy and Program


We provide complete “Point in time”, and ongoing, assessments of IT/IS people, process and technology of an enterprise environment, as it relates to cyber risk and certification standards.


We provide a “Programmatic Approach” to reducing cyber risk while addressing mandated industry certifications. RA / VA / PT / VA / PCI / HIPAA / SOC 1&2 / CMMC / HITRUST and more...


Reduced cost due to leveraging automation.


Provide prioritized findings for your remediation efforts, as they relate to the NIST risk equation framework (CSF).


We provide Integrated SaaS based tools. GRC, CISO dashboard, risk assessment, privacy assessment, 3rd party vendor risk, vulnerability management, policy management, risk register, incident management, IT compliance, security alert notification.


Privacy Program Expertise – GDPR, HIPAA, New York, California others.


Integrated GRC – Program management & project management.


CMMC readiness Services.


We deliver “artifacts” that fulfill certification requirements.


Program management, budgeting and timelines.

Our Services

IT/IS Assessments

Risk Assessments, Enhanced Vulnerability Assessments, PenTest, Application PenTest, Privacy, Risk Ranking, Compliance Readiness and more.

Managed IT Cyber Security Services

We help you develop a "Programmatic Approach" to reducing Risk, and maintaining Compliance thru trending analysis automation.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Peter Gailey has the domain expertise in information security and he does a great job of articulating to his clients on what solution would benefit them the most based on the scenario.

You can think of Gailey Solution as your solution advisor and they will recommend the right solution based on your organization’s challenges/need.

Gailey Solutions brings a "Programmatic Approach" to Cyber Security. Not a bundh of Projects. They helped us construct a Program including timelines, and budgeting, ready to present to the Board for discussions and funding.

About Gailey Solutions

Peter Gailey has been in the High Tech business for over 30 years. He has worked in the Dallas - Fort Worth area for the past 25 years. His background is in both Large Cap firms as well as Early stage firms. Peter is a Cyber Security Expert and a Certified Trainer in ITIL who understands what it takes to Architect, Implement and Manage Enterprise scale Solutions from a Cyber Security and Infrastructure (People, Process and and Technology) perspective.

We have built a Senior Team of individuals that have delivered the Portfolio of solutions to the IT industry for a collective 150+ years.

Blueprint for Ransomware Defense

    Blueprint for Ransomware Defense

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