CMMC Related Cyber Security Offerings:

We leverage automation and automated Tools.

Automation = reduced cost, shorter time to deliver, increased scope and scale, less false positives.

Create your “CMMC Cyber Security Hygiene Program” with these components:


* CMMC Readiness Assessment

* IT /IS Risk Assessment

* Enhanced Vulnerability Assessment - Internal and External - Situational Awareness

* Web Application Vulnerability Assessments

* Penetration Testing

* Wireless Network testing

* Compromise Assessment - Ransomware Prevent, Discover, Awareness, Remediate

* Network Visualization tool

* Network Predictive Analytics

* Privacy & Confidentiality Assessments

* Third-Party Supply Chain - Risk Assessment


* Security Program Strategy and Planning, Budget roadmap


* Systems Security Plan (SSP) guidance

* Prioritized Remediation Action Plans - Cyber Risk Scoring – NIST CSF based

* Privacy Awareness and Training

* Privacy Incident Response & Tabletop

* HSM Data Strategy and Management

* Training

* Disaster Recovery Planning and Procedures & Tabletop

* End Point Security

* Forensics

* Identity / ACL Management

* IR - DR &Tabletop

* Inventory Management Lifecycle Management - Acquisition and Development

* Policy & Procedures Documentation



* GRC SaaS Tool

Through automation, we simplify a lot of your efforts and save you, and your team, time and costs in the process.