Data Governance

Identity and Access Management (IAM)  

Overview: The YouAttest Identity and Access Management (IAM) attestation offering is best described as a service that discovers and documents specific data types, locations and flow of data. It categorizes, creates and aligns the profiles of both data and people with the rights to access to that data. Gailey Solutions is an experienced cyber security  and IAM practitioner offering key services that complement YouAttest.  

Risk Assessment:

A Service that assesses People, Process and Technologies that affect the enterprise including:  devices, data risk, application risk and personnel and policy gaps.   

Gap Analysis:

A discovery of business cyber security risks and vulnerabilities. Will include industry regulations and mandates.  A full report of the gaps and prioritized remediation POA&M, Plan of Action and Milestones, guidance is the deliverable.

Data - Identity and Access Privilege Management:

A key component of Security. Constantly applied and managed. Especially important PRIOR TO and AFTER a cyber incident. Most cyber incidents are the result of inappropriate escalation of data access privileges.

Managed User Access Review:

Gailey Solutions manages the initial and on-going data management and user access privilege reviews of the enterprise. Other cyber security and GRC services can be provided on a regular basis as well.