"In a crowded space of cyber and GRC "experts" Peter Gailey is the real deal. He brings his decades of real-world experience to great use for his clients with his practical/pragmatic and affordable view towards cyber security. He differentiates himself from the "Sky is falling" crowd with a tactical and systematic approach to messaging and delivering cyber security solutions that meet the budget and time constraints that customers have. He has navigated the cyber and GRC world and has whittled down the cyber and governance frameworks to real world solutions and recommendations."

Garret F. Grajek, CISSP, CEH
CEO, YouAttest

"Peter Gailey has the domain expertise in information security and he does a great job of articulating to his clients on what solution would benefit them the most based on the scenario."

Abu Sadeq
CEO, Zartech

"As the CEO of Gailey Solution's cybersecurity program, Peter was instrumental in implementing a programmatic approach to address the constantly evolving threat landscape, for our business. This strategy involved regularly reviewing and updating our security protocols, as well as training our employees on how to identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks. By taking a proactive, programmatic approach, we were able to significantly reduce the number of successful attacks on our systems and protect our valuable data. Overall, I believe that Peter's approach was crucial to the success of our cybersecurity program, and would highly recommend it to other organizations looking to strengthen their own security measures."

Scott Lyons, M.S., CISSP
CEO/Founder/Owner, Former Host, Security and Compliance Weekly

"Gailey Solutions gets the big picture.  There are a lot of moving parts in addressing today’s cyber needs.  Gailey Solutions stresses automated solutions that can be implemented and effective within days.  Applying best of bread methodologies, GS delivers value short-term and long-term."

John Williams

CEO CyVision Technologies

"You can think of Gailey Solution as your solution advisor and they will recommend the right solution based on your organization’s challenges/need."

Abu Sadeq

Peter (Gailey Solutions) has worked closely with our team during the past year.  He has helped us mature our go to market strategy, VCSO, and Advisory services.  His extensive background in compliance, risk management, and cyber security program maturity have helped us develop methodologies, customer facing documentation, and advance our existing program & project management.  Peter is a valuable resource, and we consider ourselves lucky to be working with him on this project.

Luke McOmie 

VP of Offensive Security - Ideal Integrations

"Gailey Solutions brings a "Programmatic Approach" to Cyber Security.  Not a bundh of Projects.  They helped us construct a Program including timelines, and budgeting, ready to present to the Board for discussions and funding."