The vCISO role comprises the following:

Focus on:

• Cyberattacks: Development and implementation of processes and systems used to prevent, detect, and mitigate cyberattacks.
• Risk: Monitoring, evaluating, and managing overall cybersecurity and technology risk in coordination with business leaders.
• Strategy: Setting an all-encompassing cybersecurity strategy that guides technology investment.
• Compliance: Overseeing cyber governance, risk, and compliance processes.
• Reports: Supplying top management and the board with comprehensive reports.
• Execution: Getting plans done via strong project management capabilities.

Delegate: vCISOs have no business becoming embroiled in the workaday world of cybersecurity or the resolution of the latest security situations. They can and should offer advice. But they should delegate to others to directly address these matters.

vCISOs should be involved at the "Program" level. NOT the "Project" level of Cyber Security

Recommend MSP Services: Top vCISOs help their clients by recommending further MSPs services (their own or from other MSPs) such as extended detection and remediation (EDR) and patch management.

Inexperienced vCISOs get sucked into the everyday cybersecurity noise. It is a fatal error.

Top vCISOs know when to pass the baton at the Project level.

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