Only large Enterprises have the resources and internal talent to create and execute a Program approach to reduce Cyber Risk, and meet Compliance mandates.  Gailey Solutions provides the necessary expertise and Services for SMB and Enterprise firms without the proper levels of resources.
All firms have cyber risks.  They are pervasive.  Risks are growing and evolving exponentially.  It is exponentially more complicated and difficult to defend than to attack.  At a minimum firms should have a baseline understanding of their cyber posture and risks along with a plan to reduce risk and meet mandated Compliance certifications.
Gailey Solutions works with you to create and understand your baseline, and risks. Think of each specific risk as an individual project that needs to be remediated, monitored and managed. Multiple projects should be aggregated into a Program approach.
With limited understanding and limited resources, a major issue is where to start. From the Baseline, we create a prioritized set of projects using industry standard metrics measured as a function of consequences to the business if not remediated. Some vulnerabilities are more dangerous than others.  We measure and report the severity of each vulnerability, a level of effort to address it, a general timeline for execution and a cost to remediate.
We then summarize the findings, create a straw-man budget and timeline.  The result is a "Plan of Action & Milestones", a POA&M, a Program approach. Depending on what we find, and your risk tolerance, remediation can take years.
Cyber Security is not just an IT set of issues, it should be an Executive level Program. Executives are suffering legal and criminal consequences for malfeasance when not executed properly.  We are consultants with a deep bench of subject matter expertise. We will either lead or supplement your efforts.
Our Process:
Assess your People, Process', Technologies and Data.  Create a Baseline. Measure and report your maturity against industry standard metrics. Deliver a prioritized Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M). Help you manage a Program approach to reduce Cyber Risk and meet industry Compliance mandates as appropriate.  We will help you execute and manage your Program. Cyber Security is a journey.  We will guide you along the way.
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Peter Gailey

CEO – Gailey Solutions


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