Vulnerability Management is the “cycled process of discovering, categorizing, prioritizing, resolving, and mitigating” vulnerabilities. It is important to note that vulnerability management and vulnerability assessment are two different processes. (1)

The Problem:
* Lack of clear visibility over security posture: Limited visibility of the overall attack surface, and the burden of being overwhelmed with far too many alerts add up to the problem. (2)

* Use of numerous vulnerability scanners: Security engineers often struggle to protect digital assets as they use numerous vulnerability scanners to bring to light security gaps in their systems, networks and applications. While using multiple scanners increase threat monitoring volume, it is challenging to collect and prioritize alerts from multiple scanners. (3)

* Copious vulnerability reports: Security professionals are surrounded by multiple vulnerability reports resulting in inefficient use of operational time. Security teams aren’t able to prioritize threats and often don’t know what to fix first. (4)

The Solution:
Vulnerability Management Service:
* We identify risks via enhanced Vulnerability Assessments
* We Ingest other data, (Qualis, NMap, etc)
* We create ACL data
* We Normalize the data
* We automate (risk rank) prioritization of vulnerabilities (NIST Risk Equation)
* Reports are ready to load into your ITSM ticketing system for Remediation.
* Rinse repeat.. You have validation of your Remediation efforts and trending reports.

Note: We have automated most of this process.
Note 2: We have an automated Patch Management Service to perform that part of the remediation effort.

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